What You Need to Know Before You Build a Website-

What You Need to Know Before You Build a Website #Create101

If you’re in business – you need a web presence.  It’s that simple.

The real question is what type of web presence do you need?

Not all businesses need a website. This course has been designed to eliminate Internet techno-talk and provide you with practical insights to evaluate what type of web presence is right for your business.

By the end of this class, you will have a better understanding of; Different approaches to developing a web presence (websites, blogs, community sites, local listings and micro-sites), Understand the different purposes for a website, Determine whether your business needs a web presence, walk away knowing what the best web presence for your business is.


Best Practices Building a Website Foundation-

Best Practices Building a Website Foundation #Create102

The course focus is on developing a website objective, navigation, structure, design and content that addresses your individual business and marketing goals.

You will build your own business website using a simple do-it yourself turnkey solution. You will learn how to develop your company description, title tag and keywords for your site. By the end of the class each student will have; Developed web navigation for your web presence, Developed your organic search engine optimization strategy, Built your own personalized business website, Hands-on experience working with a content management system (CMS) solution. Prerequisite: It is highly recommended that students take course #1. Students must have an understanding of the internet and working with a PC.


Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The Holy Grail of the Internet-organic search engine optimization, SEO, internet marketing, backlinks, tools to select keywords, optimize your keywords, search engine optimization, Google search, Bing and Yahoo search engines

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The Holy Grail of the Internet #SEO301

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Holy Grail to Internet Marketing.

Improve the visibility of your website in search engines. One of the primary tools people use on the internet to find product information, services and websites is through search engines.

This online self paced search engine optimization course will teach you how search engines work, provide you with the tools and research on the keywords and terms people search and how to maximize your web presence so they communicate effectively with search engine so you can drive more prospects to your website.

In this online self-paced SEO course you will discover: Ways to help improve the chances of your website being found, identify the appropriate keywords for your business so you can achieve higher rankings during searches, How to analyze your website traffic, Strategies for building relevant backlinks, How to submit your website to search engine directories.


How to Effectively use Facebook to Grow your Business-

How to Effectively use Facebook to Grow your Business #Social402

This class explores how leveraging Facebook can grow your business online.

You will learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan that effectively utilizes Facebook Profile, Pages or Groups.

We will review case studies and evaluate the ways different companies are using this tool to increase their revenues, gain customer insight and build relationships with their existing customer base.


How to Build your Professional and Business Brand Using LinkedIn.-LinkedIn, business networking, business to business social media network, finding employment, find a job, build your professional brand, develop your professional network, how to use linkedIn

How to Build your Professional and Business Brand Using LinkedIn. #Social403

More and more business professionals are using social networks to build relationships, meet new contacts, market themselves, find new employment opportunities and network with like-minded professionals.. Diving into the virtual meet-and-greet can be daunting. Where to begin? For the ultimate business-to-business social media network, the answer is simple - LinkedIn.

Developed specifically for business professionals, the social media network does not run the risk of blurring your professional life with your private one. With millions of users, it serves virtually every industry and profession. Whether you are looking for employment, seeking new customers or building your professional network, LinkedIn is the #1 social media tool for the business market.

Start this online self-paced course and learn how you can use LinkedIn as the premiere social media network for your business and professional brand.


How to Market and Optimize Your Website Using Backlinks-backlinks, back link, local backlinks, local links, SEO, Internet marketing,

How to Market and Optimize Your Website Using Backlinks #Market402

Have you ever wondered why some business websites have high search engine ranking, while equally good websites do not? Backlinks can make all the difference. Backlinks are very important to the scope of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing your business nationally as well as locally. Backlinks have become one of the main building blocks to good SEO and Internet marketing.


Implementing Effective E-Mail Marketing for your Business-eMail Marketing,  email campaigns, eblast, e-mail marketing campaigns, internet marketing campaigns, promote your business online,

Implementing Effective E-Mail Marketing for your Business #Market403

There is no question that email is still the single most effective Internet marketing tool for reaching customers and prospects.

This e-mail marketing course will help you understand the fundamentals of creating a strong eMail campaign.

Promote your business by employing email’s unique presentation abilities and massive distribution capability via email marketing. Email marketing:

* Drives traffic to your site
* Opens communication with your customers
* Actively promotes your business
* Builds your brand
* Builds relationships with actual and prospective customers
* Encourages customer loyalty and repeat business
* Increases sales revenue
* Publicizes events and special promotions
* Reaches the older generation, which is more comfortable
with email than newer ways of Internet promotion, such as
social media

Master the art of email marketing through our course Implementing Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns for Your Business. Instead of waiting passively for visits to your business website, take your website directly to your target audience.


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